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About Our Sister Affiliate:


TESOL Ukraine was formed in June 1995 and received International Affiliate status in October 1996. The membership includes over 500 educators involved in secondary and higher education.

TESOL Ukraine has special interest groups in  ESP, methodology, research, linguistics, testing, teacher training, CALL, and young learners.  The organization sponsors many regional conferences as well as the annual national conference which takes place in January.  Members of TESOL Ukraine receive four TESOL Ukraine Newsletters annually.  More information about our
sister affiliate can be found at http://www.tesol-ukraine.com/ 

In April 2001 Hawai'i TESOL took the first step to establish a sister relationship with TESOL Ukraine when the Executive Board agreed to the proposal.  The official Partnership Agreement was signed (see below) by representatives
of both affiliates during the TESOL 2002 Convention in Salt Lake City. 

Also feel free to drop by the TESOLers in Ukraine collaborative web Blog at
http://tesol-ua.blogspot.com/  and leave some comments or notes to our friends in the Ukraine.



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Hawai‘i TESOL


TESOL Ukraine

This document presents the terms of an agreement between two affiliates of international TESOL (Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages)--Hawai‘i TESOL and TESOL Ukraine.

The terms of this agreement were discussed in Salt Lake City, Utah on April 12, 2002 by Nina Naumenko, Patty Reiss, and other affiliate members in attendance. These terms are based on the guidelines for affiliate partnership activities outlined by TESOL Central Office, adopted from the “Leadership Handbook for Affiliates,” Spring, 1991.


A.    A complimentary copy of each newsletter will be sent from Hawai‘i TESOL to TESOL Ukraine and from TESOL Ukraine to Hawai‘i TESOL.

B.    Original articles by Hawai‘i TESOL members printed in The Word will be reprinted in the TESOL Ukraine Newsletter on a regular basis with prior consent of the newsletter editor. Original articles by TESOL Ukraine members printed in the TESOL Ukraine Newsletter will be reprinted in the Hawai‘i TESOL The Word on a regular basis with prior consent of the newsletter editor.

C.    A column will be established in each newsletter for partner affiliate news.

D.    Policy statements and manuals, brochures, and conference publicity
will be exchanged between the two affiliates upon request.


A.    Regular mail and e-mail exchanges will be set up between members of Hawai‘i TESOL and TESOL Ukraine.

B.    A “penpal” exchange will be set up between the students of Hawai‘i TESOL and TESOL Ukraine members.

C.    When members of both affiliates are at the same conference, contact and exchanges will be made.


A.    Both affiliates will try to acquaint their membership with the partner affiliate's state/country through newsletter articles, poster sessions, 
and presentations.

B.    On a regular basis, both affiliates will research information on grants and other opportunities for an affiliate representative to travel from Hawai‘i to Ukraine or from Ukraine to Hawai‘i for a professional exchange.
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